Thursday, June 28, 2012

Coffee Break

What would two interns at a media production house do when faced with the opportunity of having an array of camera equipment at their disposal for an entire day! A film? a commercial? a documentary? An Epic Film Series...

Needless to say, these interns sat on the beanbags at the office and brained stormed from which sparked the idea that could potentially change the course of life as we know it... or get you to chuckle watching a two minute youtube video.

With the inexperience in film making, one often learns on their feet and that did occur as due to a shortage of actors, both interns were pulled into playing characters in their own film. With the help of certain employees and a friend, the film was completed in the prescribed time.

The editing has been completed and the sound has been corrected and needless scenes of people falling down staircases removed from the work of those two interns.
Studio 33 is proud to present to you, The Coffee Break. Nicely done Virpratap Vikram Singh and Neel Dhanesha. 

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