Monday, June 11, 2012

Studio 33 Biographies: Ranjit Sathyaraj

For the video below, we at Studio 33 decided to do something different. The result was a biographical interview, in ten minutes.

We asked Ranjit Sathyaraj to be our first subject, being one of the most unique people we know. Ranjit wanted to live life to the fullest without having "work" consume his time. Ranjit was able to fulfil a dream of his to successfully retire at the age of 36 – and enjoy life. But all wasn't as rosy as it seemed. 

When shooting this video, the objectives were quite simple: Low Production cost and as little post production as possible, while trying to get to the soul of what Ranjit is all about. Do you have any suggestions on how this sort of video could have gone with the same parameters? Would you have had any different techniques? Remember, sharing is caring!

It’s quite interesting to see how a man like Ranjit turned his back on urban life and moved out to a village and just lived life with his wife and nature. So, how plausible do you think this sort of lifestyle is? Would you be able to work hard for an entire year and then take it easy? How would your parents react if you decided to have a similar lifestyle? Leave a comment below and let’s see what the trend is!

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