Thursday, May 12, 2016

Studio 33 – Week 1

Two strangers from different colleges but with the same goal of getting a better understanding of what happens behind the camera met at an awesome production house, Studio 33. That cliché of interns being used only to pick up coffee or make copies is just not true here. We were welcomed and greeted with warmth; comfort and we immediately felt like this is where we belong!

A first day like no other started with helping Avinash and Pranab with the shoot for a large IT company with our faux acting. This was to finalize on the lighting, angles of the shot and many other details. When you view a video you hardly ever notice the level of preparation that goes behind it. Just listening to them debate on why a certain angle would or wouldn’t work, gave us so much insight
to the intricacies of the field.

Over the week, we were assigned certain tasks that could put our theoretical college knowledge into practical use. We were also working on the video for a Bhopal Gas tragedy petition where we had to find relevant images and audio clips, finally make a audio mp3 that combined the voice over and the audio clips.

This place never fails to keep us happy; we all work together as they are easily approachable. The best past of our first week is exploring our own skills and putting that out there. Our creativity and skills are always welcomed and appreciated amongst all in Studio 33

So far, it has been a packed and great first week and we cannot wait to see what
else lies ahead.

- Sanjana and Shreyanka
The Interns of May 2016