Tuesday, May 12, 2015

An Intern's Diary

Day 06                
An internship is an assortment of opportunities from starters to dessert served hot on the plate. Being an intern at Studio 33, I got this super cool opportunity to visit a corporate office. The Managing Director of the company wanted to record a message for the sales department of the company. So there we enter a crew of 6 members, through the large gates, and past the several security checks. After getting our bags scanned, and receiving our “visitor” Id cards, we were directed to the MD’s office building. Up on the first floor, it took approximately an hour, for the crew to set it up for the shoot. We had to make sure the lighting, sound, the angle, was perfect, the frame was appealing and making sure the flowers in the vase were fresh enough. Never knew so much of importance went into the angle in which the speaker’s chair was positioned in. When the MD entered, the room was prim and proper. All cameras ready, set to roll. I was asked to attach the micro phone to her dress. There were four other people in the room plus a security at her disposal. One of her secretaries stood there making a note of all that she spoke in front of the camera.

After the shoot was over, she sat down with Siddarth, talking about her ideas, her requirements from Studio 33 and the various other videos she wanted to shoot. She was interested in making short videos for the various departments of the company, for this particular company, is a client who enjoys both the animation and the live action videos from Studio 33.

Later, we had to pass through the several gates in the large green compound to get to our exit. It was heart-warming to see that the people in the campus were environmental friendly. They had a lot of greenery and there were battery vehicles to move around the campus.

I walked out of the gate with the rest of the crew, after a happy first experience inside a corporate office, a smile on the lip and saving the tag they gave for my bag as a souvenir. I may not be working in one of those offices, but it sure was a great experience to visit one. I think that is one of the advantages of being an intern at Studio 33!

By Samyuktha Shenbagaraj

An Intern's Diary.....

Day 01

When the entire city population complains about the traffic and the trouble of getting to the destination point on time, how lucky am I, if all I have to do to get to office is walk 10 feet across the road? I have been receiving more than a few “Oh I am so jealous of you” looks from people who get stuck in 3 hour traffic jams.  First ever internship, first ever office I step into for some serious work, obviously I was nervous. So this is how my day went…..

A small gate that has a board which says “Studio 33” leads into a flight of stairs. It’s not a tall building, it does not have a security check, it does not have punch in attendance system – it’s a friendly, welcoming building. Studio 33, Bangalore!

The second floor welcomes you with a vibrant orange wall, a small door that opens into a terrace area. A nice shelter, with tables, chairs a few flower pots, a beautiful fish tank, and what caught my attention is a corner with four bean bags and a carom board in the centre! You get a very calm feeling the moment you step into the place. There on a wall hangs a calendar, and a dart board next to it. Clearly my boss not only likes to stick to his deadlines, also is he clear on his aim and focus. Further exploration of the place I found a door inside which, were lots of technical stuff. Starting from laptops printers, scanners, to things related to the shoot, which am not very familiar with, found place there.  Supriya, like me was an intern at Studio 33. As Pranab sat down briefing us about work, the crew walked in. Later part of the day there was a shoot and voice recording that happened with one of our clients, Tanya. She was so amazing – she was doing a documentary on conservation of the Western Ghats.  

The day rolled by, and towards the end I realised it was no normal office. Timings are flexible, no one is going to maul you because you weren’t at your desk at 10am. Also there is no specific cabin for anyone. You work at any space your mood suits best. The typical psychology of the creative minds, where restrictions are laughed at, rules are smirked upon and work is done at each individual’s pace. A coffee to sip on, Wi-Fi to research upon, a game of Jenga to refresh your mind, or just a light chat under the cool breeze near the fish tank. Anything and everything goes. You are free to make yourself a cup of coffee whenever you feel like it, or make a pick from the variety of refreshments you find at the pantry.  Because, it isn’t a corporate office, but a production house!
The work is cool. They assign you the work, and give you all the deadlines. When, where and how you work is not worried upon. As long as the job is done, and up to the satisfactory level, then All Is Well!

You know you love the place you work in, when the work environment is beautiful, the people are amazing and you don’t want to go home yet… I foresee a wonderful month ahead! 

Samyuktha Shenbagaraj