Thursday, February 4, 2016

The dynamic crew

It is been almost one month since I started my internship at Studio 33. It has been a wonderful 
experience for various reasons. I have always wanted to know how a production house worked 
and being at Studio 33 gave me a good idea. Video production is my dream job and interning at 
Studio 33 has helped me to take the first few steps towards my dream. At Studio 33, I have 
edited videos, assisted on shoots, written blog posts and managed Studio 33's YouTube account. 
This journey has been quite insightful and informative.

Let me now talk about my experience of being the Production Assistant for a Hackathon video 
shoot. Pranab Ganguly, our Head Producer described it as ‘shoot marathon’ on his Facebook post 
which is a very appropriate description, since it was a continuous shoot for 30 hours. During the 
shoot I witnessed immense hard work and dedication. I am pretty sure both Pranab and Avinash 
didn’t sleep one bit as they were shooting the entire time. Being the Production Assistant helped 
me learn a lot of things, mainly the different aspects of DSLR video making. The crew gave me 
the studio camera along with all their lenses. I got a better idea of which lens to use when and on 
what occasions. 

I didn’t stay for the entire shoot as I felt it was quite hectic and tiring, but not for the crew of 
Studio 33! In my one-month experience at Studio 33, I have seen the crew working continuously 
for hours and going for shoots from one state to another without rest. And even then at the end of 
the day, they are so cheerful, relaxed, energetic and are always ready for next task. It is the 
passion, cooperation and dedication of the Studio 33 crew members that makes all of this 

All thanks to Tanya, I got the chance to learn a lot more about video editing. She had been very 
patient and sweet throughout. As a fresher in the field of editing, I made many mistakes and each 
time she corrected me patiently till it became a good video. She taught me many things about 
editing that I previously didn’t know or ignored. 

The 1st month at Studio33 had been wonderful. I can say that I have learned and experienced 
many good things. The dynamic crew at Studio 33 are fun to work with and they are truly an 
inspiration for me. 

Anmi Elizabeth Sabu