Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A picture speaks a thousand words...

The minute we received the confirmation mail from Siddarth saying we were accepted as interns at Studio 33 for the month of May, 2014, we knew we had an exciting month ahead of us! The whole idea of moving to a new city for four weeks, getting out of our comfort zones, learning to be responsible and independent was overwhelming. On the other hand, we were faced  constant 
Niagha and Vridhi
reminders  from the elders who never stopped haunting us with these words - “one step into the working world”, “this is reality”, “this isn’t going to be easy” until we actually packed our bags and got here. As the day arrived we felt the nervousness kicking in along with excitement of what was in store for us. Its’ been over a week since we joined the Studio 33 family and it has been nothing but a wonderful and warm experience. Getting out of Chennai, away from our normal lives and familiar people, there’s nothing more comforting than newbie’s being treated as family. For our first appearance as part of Studio 33, we thought we’d give the internet world a little sneak peek into what makes Studio 33, “STUDIO 33”. The photographs below say it all! We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed taking them. Here’s to an exciting month. Cheers!


Niagha Rajesh and Vridhi Rathi

Employee of the month

Its in their nature to protect the nature

We take our games as seriously as we take our work

First comes food then comes work

Sweet deals! 

Our own personal unwind centre

One big happy family!