Monday, August 1, 2011

Run for Karunashraya: 10k Marathon TVC’s

Run for Karunashraya was an innovative viral video campaign launched by Studio 33, encouraging people to run the Tata World 10k Marathon for Karunashraya, a cancer hospice in Bangalore. Our approach included two viral videos, Anita and The Last Mile. Anita was shot at the Mehta residence in Domlur while The Last Mile was shot on Visthar’s Bangalore campus ( in Doddagubbi.

You can also check out the original animatic created during pre-production for The Last Mile here.

Things we learned on the shoot:

  1. The sun takes a lot longer to set when you want it to.
  2. Fathers are very co-operative cast members.
  3. Grandmothers are a great source for walkers and other such props.

Anu & Pavan Sangeeth Presentations

In April, 2011, Studio 33 was hired by Jas Singh, Director, Dakshin Honda, to work on a series of audio visual packages that would be interspersed between live performances at his brother’s Sangeeth. Our AV packages ranged from music videos to comic sketches featuring members of the Singh family.

The innovative approach to the project was well received by the audience. The entire production spanned over three weeks. Through food poisoning, a death in the family and the worst rainstorm in Bangalore’s recent history on the day of the event, we got the job done. We got wet, but we got the job done.