Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Studio 33 Impact

Today, a third of the global poor resides in India. Over half the women in the country are not afforded the education to even sign their name on a piece of paper. 1 out of every 2 children are malnourished.

Several of these human ordeals thrive on the ignorance of the influential due to a lack of quality information and analysis on the most critical issues of our time. While these prevalent issues continue to intensify, there is a distinct lack of community based programming options in the country to contribute to the debate on these issues and raise public awareness about them. 

This is Studio 33 Impact. Our goal through this project is to influence a conversion of public opinion into public action through the production and distribution of quality, thought provoking media packages through a variety of formats. Various audio visual packages will be brought out on a periodic basis following a different theme every 6 months. Raising the level of debate on the most critical issues of our time.

This is Studio 33.