Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The week that was....

The Bridal Boutique product photography shoot, Karunashraya photoslide show, Marble Italia corporate video and the Expat skideo, just another week in the life of Studio 33.

Marble Italia Portfolio Video from Studio 33 on Vimeo.

January 31st was a long day for us. Our crew landed at Marble Italia in the morning for our first shoot. Shooting on a Canon 5D Mark ii, using an 8 foot jib, we spent the day in Marble Italia’s beautiful gallery space. Back at the office, our motion graphics team worked on another aspect of the Marble corporate video.

At the Bridal Boutique product photography shoot later on, Nanki, our photographer took a wide array of photographs of their exquisite gown and accessories the boutique had to offer. These will be used as test shots for an online store.

We wrapped the week, recording a voice over at Ricky Kej’s Ravelotion Studio for our Expat Skideo. Expat is a real estate and property investment group. Our VO artist Charles was a pro, knocking down the script in just two takes!