Monday, January 11, 2016

Studio 33- A perfect place to learn

As a part of my course I was supposed to do a two and a half months internship. Since, I am from a media background, the internship could be done in any media company.  My interest has always been video production so I looked for a production house and Studio 33 welcomed me whole heartedly.

Studio 33 is very far from the place I live and takes around two hours of travel by bus which varies depending on traffic. I was really worried at first, about how I would travel back to my place since the office closes only at 7 pm which is a peak traffic time. I hoped for the best and went for my first day of internship to see how things work at Studio 33.

The building looks so perfect and beautiful just like I saw on the day of my interview. I stepped inside and saw a dog lying down on the floor. She came running and gave me a warm welcome. After that Tanya introduced me to all the staff, departments, elaborated on my work at Studio 33 and she introduced me to Bailey, the dog - head of  security. Everything about Studio 33 was very homely and I felt relaxed. I asked about leaving early and they said it shouldn't be a problem!

One of the most interesting things that surprised me about this lovely company is that, they don’t mind giving their expensive camera and lenses to interns. Yes, at the first week I got the opportunity to use all kinds of camera lenses they had. And that was absolutely unexpected. None of my friends share their camera or lens even with their friends. So I consider myself very lucky to be an intern at Studio 33. One of the posts assigned to me is production assistant, so I get to go for shoots, which again is a big learning experience for me. Studio 33 is an excellent place to learn. Even when the crew is busy setting up things for shoots, they find time to help me clear my doubts. They take their time to explain technical terms and concepts related to video production. Video production is where my interest is and I am very satisfied and glad that I am getting to learn and practice many new things which I always wanted to learn and  do. I sincerely thank the whole Studio 33 family for inviting me to be one among them.

My blogging would be incomplete if I don’t speak about this special provision that is exclusive for Studio 33, “Yummy food”. Then of course fun loving and lovely people to work with.

To sum up my first week experience I would say Studio 33 is the perfect place to learn while having fun, to learn while having good food, to learn while having good talented creative people around you.

By Anmi Elizabeth Sabu