Friday, June 15, 2012

The Bandhavi Story: A Documentary

Studio 33 often does projects for Visthar, a well known NGO that responds towards issues of justice and peace. One of their projects is the education of girls in Northern Karnataka. These girls before joining were at risk of being part of the Devadasi System ( This system despite being outlawed by the Government of India is still practiced in the regions of northern Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

In order to shoot this film, the production team from Studio 33 travelled up to Bandhavi in northern Karnataka to spent time with the girls at the school in Koppal as well as in Bangalore. The team recorded a full day with each set of girls, from their morning yoga to their extracurricular activities, while simultaneously getting a better idea as to what these girls want to do with their lives.

It is quite fantastic to have seen how a mother defended her child and her right to freedom with that mindset. How do you think the women in these regions can stand up to such traditions? Would you be willing to volunteer to help out at such a school?

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