Monday, May 1, 2017

Intern Diary-Week 1: Signing In

Dear Diary,

One week in, and I feel like I am the most amazing photographer (not true, for obvious reasons. But hey! Let me live in my bubble for a moment.) My friend Darshana (urf Daaru) and I have been here at Studio 33 for precisely 5 days now. We certainly didn’t expect this kind of chill-ness from a corporate film production company but clearly the world hasn’t ceased to surprise me yet.
The first two days included reading up on the basics of video-, photo-, and audio-graphy along with how to be a decent blogger. Seeing how reading big words can make us sleepy, I decided to distract Daaru by having a little fun with Cards Against Humanity silliness.

On Wednesday we drove off the check the first shoot, which was about a catering company. There were lights, camera and I assure you about the action. Did we learn something new? Pft, yeah! We learnt about lights and how it changes so much about a scene, how camera angles can make so much of a difference, about really cool and new equipment which makes taking stable videos and photos really easy, and the best thing we learnt is to not to enter any space, for that matter, when onions are either being cut or even peeled. Not to mention, it’s amazing how receptive the crew is especially about taking time to teach the interns about how the shoots are supposed to happen.

Thursday was a little more relaxed when we finally went through all the photos of the previous day’s shoot and picked the best pictures to be put up on the website.

Now Friday. That was a blast! We went for a music video shoot and spent the whole day watching the actors. I even got to be a model… for the lighting purposes (tee hee). But on a serious note, it was amazing learning about how lighting can affect the mood of a single shot from a crewmember who actually spent time explaining each point about ISO and aperture i detail. It’s a day to remember.

This is me, Esha, signing out. Looking forward to next week! 


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