Friday, June 3, 2016

Studio 33 - Week 2

After a rather hectic and fun 1st week, we were really looking forward to the coming weeks. Kicked off the week by celebrating Pranab and Sanjana's birthday at Barbeque Nation with the entire staff and got to know everyone a little better.

Along with editing our small videos, we began editing a wedding video; sifting through hours of footage and making a rough cut really gave us a better idea of how you must always get extra footage as its hard to know what you can and cannot use while editing the video. This hands on experience with editing on Premier Pro was amazing.

The coolest thing this week was definitely working with the Ronin video stabilizer and understanding how it works. Working, behind the scene of Avinash and Ravi trying out different shots with the Ronin.

We also had to do some research on videos for medical apps and companies. To be honest, this is one of the best parts of working at such a place because you never learn about these small details of work in class.

Until next week,

Sanjana and Shreyanka
The interns of May 2016.

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