Friday, January 24, 2014

Week 3: Food for thought

Greetings, and welcome to the end of week three! This week saw the completion of some huge projects, the beginning of several new ones, and as usual – many long work days. At first, I wondered how the team consistently works with such intensity, but I soon learned their two-pronged secret to success – good attitude and good food.

Good attitude
Tight deadlines, troublesome technology, day long power outages that back-up power couldn't handle… there are plenty of potential stressors at Studio 33. Road bumps like this would rattle anybody. However, I have yet to see panic, tears, or anger from this crew. Even when their entire fleet of computers crashed after the back-up power gave out (true story), they shrugged their shoulders and proceeded to amicably share the one functioning laptop. They’re a laidback bunch, and their flexibility and sense of humor make them successful in a field that can be very high pressure.
Good food
That being said, I firmly believe that good attitudes around here are significantly bolstered by good food. It’s an integral part of Studio 33’s supportive work community. 

Our lunch commander-in-chief, Pranab, is on the far left
We eat lunch together every day, and Pranab is 100% our commander-in-chief of lunch. Without his daily ordering routine, I’m fairly certain that we would all mindlessly forget to eat. He also earns major brownie points for always remembering to order me an omelet without chilies. I’ve loved having lunch as a time to joke around, ask questions, and stun my colleagues by comparing the temperature on our sunny terrace to the temperature in Minnesota.

On Thursday, we celebrated Tanya’s second anniversary with Studio 33. And how does one celebrate properly? With ice cream of course! Tanya is one of the hardest working people I have ever met and has been an invaluable resource for me. I loved that we had the chance to celebrate her dedication to this company. In addition, I got to expand my ice cream horizons beyond the classic American realm of chocolate and vanilla (fig and honey skyrocketed its way into my ice cream favorites).

Beer and Kebab Friday!
When Fridays roll around, we kick back with beer and kebabs and reflect on our week. It sounds like such a simple tradition, but it’s wildly popular around the office. I’ve also noticed that when any employee stays late for work – food is always provided for them.

Good attitude and good food. They make this media production house go round!
Wishing you a pleasant weekend from Studio 33 :)

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